Voluntary Contributions & Charges

Voluntary Contributions have been calculated and endorsed by the School Board:
(Click here to view 2023 contributions and charges letter)


Kindy Annual Contribution –    $25.00


PP-Yr 6 Annual Contribution –  $50.00


Items purchased from this contribution support the continuation of educational programs for all students at our school. Parents are encouraged to support their children’s education by making these contributions as early in the school year as possible.


School Contributions


School Contributions cover costs for the following items:

Literacy and Numeracy Resources

History, geography and Science Resources

Visual Arts Materials

Class Cooking Activities

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Resources

Library Books


School Charges


**Additional Charges for Interschool Sport/Excursions/In-term Swimming/ Yr 6 Graduation activities for example range from $5 to $100 depending on year level and activity – Please see School Voluntary Contributions and Charges letter for more information **


NB:         Please note that not all children in the year level are involved in all the above activities, eg interschool sporting teams. 

              Participation in these activities is voluntary, but a charge is payable if the student opts to participate.


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